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Inter Game ‘Better data, better business practice’: Playsafe

10 February 2019

Playsafe Systems, the dedicated machine data monitoring division of the Eurocoin Group took to EAG last week with its latest array of products and solutions.

Marketing manager, John Dorman showed off Playsafe’s new app: “It’s Android based so there’s no hardware required. It reads meters, takes photos and all data is updated to our central system. Utilising a cloud based reporting tool among its features, people can look at sites, performance data and drill down to machine level.

With machine down warnings for example it provides better data and information, which is the way forwards for site owners and operators. It’s simplified, with the basic essential data as an overview but also offering the option to delve further into more advanced reports and diagnostics.”

“Everything that we do centres around cloud based performance. It offers a cash desk which tracks around sites, it handles promotions, and even has signature capture on tablets. It’s all seamless with data being uploaded immediately.”

Dorman also showed of new models of the Paystation. “With TITO and coin payout, everything is integrated into our central system. It’s designed so that everything is integrated, all in one place, with remote access providing ease of use. Better data and better business practice.”