The key to secure and accurate machine revenue management. Now with Quantum TITO inside.

The Thomas PayStation range are market leaders across many sectors. Coins and bank notes, Chip and Pin, contactless and mobile payments, our machines will process your customers’ preferred choice of payments reliably and efficiently.

Intelligence; integrated

Data driven insights for smarter gaming business

The key to secure and accurate machine revenue management. QuantumV6 is a proven, flexible software solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data.

Coins and notes, contactless and mobile, chip+pin. Four decades of industry leading innovation and know-how building versatile, robust and trusted machines for a multitude of sectors – plus change.

We know sometimes you might need us. Our support team in conjunction with our Knowledge Base system are here to help. World-class solutions with world-class support.

The key to intelligent machine management.

Optimising machines at site level and individually is pivotal to securing and maximising machine income. Quantum monitors, reports and automates machine data quickly and simply ensuring evaluation of performance is accurate and in real time. A game changer in turning data into accessible and tangible indicators helping to maximise machine income.

An integrated system allowing insightful data at a glance.

Knowledge is power. Accurate and insightful reporting shows you everything you need to know about your machines – at a glance. The fine-tuning of your operation is at the tips of your fingers, enabling total control of your hardware and enabling optimum performance.


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