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Playsafe’s Latest

  • Fully GBG TITO compliant
  • Proven across UK gaming machine sites
  • Popular with players – no more waiting for payouts
  • Simple to install and retro-fit to existing machine
  • Eliminates cash payout Increases machine uptime, no more jams
  • Increases profits, through greater VTP
  • Speeds up machine collections
  • Simple ticket verification via Quantum Handheld or Thomas PayStation
  • Completely secure industry-standard barcoded system
  • Full turnkey solution Now included with QuantumV6

The Goal is to turn
data into information
and information
into insight!

Carla Fiorina –
Former CEO of HP

We collect, record and convert your site data into useful information to drive your business forwards

Quantum V6

Quantum Playsafe is a proven, flexible solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data. Fast, simple and cost effective, Quantum collects and analyses your total revenue as well as your machine performance data, so that your business can perform at its very best. Accurate and insightful end-of-day reports give you everything you need to know at a glance so you can fine-tune your operations to function at their best.

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Q CashDesk

CashDesk enables operators to manage the flow of cash on site. The program has been designed specifically to keep track of cash in the cash desk; refills, hand pay-outs, claims/refunds and promotions. CashDesk removes the dependency on paper records, automatically storing an audit trail for better transparency/reporting and saving you and your staff a great deal of time.

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Playsafe Performance gives you a succinct overview of your business data when you’re off-site and on the move. Performance is an easy-to-use, easy-to-view cloud-based programme configured to deliver your key site metrics/ data quickly and easily, (while viewing on your tablet or mobile device). The program has a high level of flexibility allowing individual managers or operators to access their own site and machine income data at all times.

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Q Loyalty

Loyalty programs increase the amount customers spend each time they visit, as they try to unlock rewards. It is important to let customers know what you are doing for them. Using state-of-the-art terminals and customer friendly software, the task of rewarding customers is made easy. Playsafe Loyalty offers two different types:
1. Site based
2. Machine based

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Q Redemption

Playsafe have integrated the Semnox redemption and ticketing & stock management system into the market leading Quantum system. This module, is the ideal management tool for busy leisure and amusement site operators.

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Moving to Ticket payout, rather than coin? Our dedicated Systems Support team provide full after-sales back-up for all our Ticket2Go clients, offering real-time telephone call support for all your operational and machine accounting questions relating to both cash and TITO tickets.

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Q Handheld

The Quantum HandHeld is an App & device combination that allows Quantum users to carry out some Quantum tasks while mobile within their business. These can be manual meter collection, TITO ticket verification, processing of HandPays, Redeeming Player Points, issuing Promo and much more. Using the Quantum HandHeld in your business provides you with a simple way to collect all machine data, no requirement for an Electronic Data capture card in each machine, and process counted cash. Using the internal device camera, machines can be quickly identified using a barcode.

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Q Promo Lite

Using an iPad, your customers sign up to receive rewards, which are sent to them via a text service. When they visit one of your venues, they can redeem their reward via the site iPad. The system database is accessed via your PC, where your own login provides you with all the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently manage customers and campaigns, ensuring you target the right customers and better manage your promotional spend. The Dashboard provides an insight to your headline information, including, Total Visits, Members Per Venue, Total Members, Redemption Times, etc. Inbuilt reports allow you to track spend per customer / machine.

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Q Cloudhosting

With Playsafe cloud hosting services, we take away all your worries about backing up, storing and protecting your machine/site data. All your data is stored centrally in one location and is protected, no need to worry about your old onsite PC/server breaking down and losing all your precious data. Featuring a multi-site backup solution, back-ups are performed automatically, at least daily but their frequency can be configured to better suit your operation. Playsafe support has greater visibility and you will experience greater reliability.

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Playsafe Systems Integration

1 A typical site containing lots of machines that connect to Playsafe Quantum, a modular solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data. Fast, simple and cost-effective, Quantum collects and analyses your complete revenue and machine performance data. Quantum may be hosted locally on site on a PC or we host it for you on the cloud. 2 There are three ways of inputting your machine data into Quantum:

  • Connect your coin counter and manually enter the machine number
  • Use a handheld device to capture and record machine data
  • Electronic data capture, each machine contains an EC4 and sends data automatically over the wifi network to Quantum
3 Now that your machine data has been captured by Quantum, the money collected will not accurately reflect net revenue. Adding a CashDesk makes it possible to record promotions, refills, hand pays and claims. These deductions will in trun start to convert your counted cash figures into revenue. 4 Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) Tickets may be printed via the CashDesk and used to play the machines that have been modified to accept tickets. Customers ofter receive a ticket if they win large sums of money. These tickets may be used to continue playing the machines or cash out at the CashDesk of Paystation. 5 Paystation data (if you have one) will also communicate with Quantum, once again this helps to keep track of hand pays, refills etc. 6 Loyalty Programs increase the amount customers spend each time they visit 7 Performance is an easy to usem easy to view cloud-based program configured to deliver your key site metrics/data quickly and easily on your tablet or mobile phone. 8 Redemption – powered by Semnox 9 Our system is able to intergrate with 3rd party systems to suit your business needs.

Playsafe’s Hardware Solutions

Thomas Paystation Range

Playsafe Systems integrate essential hardware & technical components from world-class global manufacturers & supply these items in configurations designed to optimise your business. Our After-Sales team offer service, spare parts and support all manufacturer warranties for our entire range of products.

We supply:

  • Coin & Note Change Machines
  • Ticketing and Prepayment Machines
  • Ticket, Note & Coin Counters
  • System Integrated Kiosks & Terminals
  • Cash & Card Operated Timers
  • Tokens, Cards & Accessories

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Not just a hardware and software supplier

Playsafe turns your data into business insight

We provide relevant, accurate information tailored for your business. Management and monitoring reports. Complete machine and site financial performance. Better targeting of you most loyal customers. Access to key operational data – quickly and easily.

Playsafe Systems offers integrated solutions
that improve and enhance modern machine operations
for management and business owners.

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