The key to secure and accurate machine revenue management. Now with Quantum TITO inside.

The PayStation range are market leaders across many sectors. Coins and bank notes, Chip and Pin, contactless and mobile payments, our machines will process your customers’ preferred choice of payments reliably and efficiently.

The key to intelligent
machine management

Playsafe’s Quantum range of systems solutions provide the very latest machine management, player loyalty, marketing, security and cash management technology for today’s forward-thinking operation management teams. Each system is fully field proven in multiple locations and offers measurable, scalable and cost effective benefits.


What’s included in the Quantum System?

The key to secure and accurate machine revenue management. Now with Quantum TITO inside.

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What is QuantumV6?

Playsafe Quantum is a proven, flexible solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data. Fast, simple and cost-effective, Quantum helps you by converting your data into useful information allowing you to evaluate the profit contribution either at site level or down to the individual machines helping you maximise and secure your machine income.

NEW: QuantumV6 now includes TITO, meaning there is no requirement for a separate TITO system.


From machine performance statistics (including TITO ticket data) to fraud detection and prevention, Quantum helps you maximise returns on every machine. Highly configurable, Quantum provides a number of cost effective ways to collate your machine data, including;

Option 1:
Quantum Handheld – Using the highly robust Android device, machine meters are collected manually and then sync’d to the Quantum PC via Wi-Fi

Option 2:
Electronic Data Capture – Installing a Playsafe Systems EC4 EDC unit in each machine, data is continuously sent over Wi-Fi to the Quantum PC

Option 3:
Any combination of the first two options.


  • Track your financial performance by checking net take and operating percentages.
  • Reconcile your counted cash with your metred cash
  • Prevent and detect fraud
  • Monitor your hoppers in real time, including maintaining hopper levels and reducing site floats
  • RealTime machine reporting
  • Track all cash handling by site staff including HandPays, Machine Refills and Player Claims
  • View and analyse both live and historical data across your whole site and estate
  • Inbuilt reports provide detailed performance data
  • Respond to machine errors and events, thereby minimising down time
  • Inbuilt GBG TITO server, allowing the connection of any GBG compliant TITO machine
  • Zonal Collections, allowing a single site to be split into separate machine area’s

The proven Ticket In / Ticket Out system for your business.

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TITO Paystations

What is Q TITO?

Each gaming machine, if not already TITO, typically has a kit that removes the Coin Hoppers and replaces them with a TITO Ticket Printer. When a player wins on the gaming machine, instead of receiving Banknotes and Coins, they will receive a TITO ticket instead.

These tickets includes details of the date and time of issue, the location and most importantly the amount of money owed to the player.

Players are then free to enter the TITO ticket into another connected TITO gaming machine, where the value of the ticket will be added to the machine, or they can be verified and redeemed manually via the Quantum HandHeld or automatically via a PayStation.


Each on-site TITO gaming machine is connected via a Network to the Quantum TITO Server, typically located in a secure office. Whenever a player presses collect on their gaming machine, the gaming machine communicates with the Quantum TITO Server via the network and informs the server of the payout value.

The server sends the gaming machine a unique and secure number, which the gaming machine prints as a barcode via the internal TITO Ticket Printer. This ticket is then ‘live’ on the system until it’s either redeemed or inserted into another gaming machine, at that point, the ticket and unique number cannot be redeemed again.


  • Fully GBG TITO compliant
  • Proven across UK gaming machine sites
  • Popular with players –no more waiting for payouts
  • Simple to install and retro-fitto existing machine
  • Eliminates cash payout
  • Increases machine uptime, no more jams
  • Increases profits through greater VIP
  • Speeds up machine collections
  • Simple ticket verification via QuantumHandheld or Thomas Paystaion
  • Completely secure industry standard barcoded system
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Now included with QuantumV6

Performance gives you a succinct overview of your business data when you’re off-site or on the move.

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What is Q Performance?

Quantum Performance is an easy-to use, easy-to-view cloud-based programme configured to deliver your key site metrics/data quickly and easily, (while viewing on your tablet or mobile device).

Being web-based, Q Performance gives you easy access to key operational data at all levels within your organisation. This high level of flexibility even allows your individual managers or operators to access their own site and machine income data.


The home screen consists of a simple dashboard showing your accumulated weekly and year-to-date performance, as well as previous months and years for comparison.

The reports section allows you to monitor performance by individual site location or operator. It is also possible to delve deeper into the performance of each site and machine. Machine performance may even be grouped by class or type.

Selecting the variances tab, it is possible to view sites with both positive and negative variances.

Once again this data can be compared historically to help build a clear picture should anomalies arise, like machine errors, operational problems or security issues.

It is possible to insert/import specified budgets for each of your sites to track site performance throughout the financial year.

Site and machine trends, whether as a percentage or value contribution, are also tracked and recorded.

Finally, a configurable alert mechanism highlights machine and site variance inconsistencies.

Performance provides

  • A dashboard showing weekly and year-to-date income performance
  • Ongoing operator, site and machine-level performance gaps when you’re busy elsewhere
  • Relevant, accurate information, tailored to your needs
  • Key metrics to close those information gaps when you’re busy elsewhere

Quantum Handheld, an app and device combination that allows you to take the Quantum features mobile.

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The Quantum Handheld is an app and device combination that allows Quantum users to carry out some Quantum tasks while mobile within their business. These can be manual meter collection, TITO ticket verification, processing of HandPays, Redeeming Player Points, issuing Promo and much more.

Using the Quantum Handheld in your business provides you with a simple way to collect all machine data, no requirement for an Electronic Data capture card in each machine, and process counted cash.

Using the internal device camera, machines can be quickly identified using a barcode. Plug the Handheld into your coin counter and all the counted cash from each machine will be sent to the central Quantum system, along with the collected machine meters, providing a cost effective and efficient way to manage your machine income.


Each Handheld comes fully configured to work on your estate. You select the site you are currently working on and then any activities are fully sync’d back to the Quantum system either via the sites Wi-Fi or via an optional GSM sim card.


  • Comes fully configured
  • Links to site Wi-Fi
  • Options for data sim card
  • Collect manual meter readings
  • Perform machine moves
  • Identify machines quickly using barcodes
  • Count cash or tickets – plus directly into Coin Counter
  • Issue manual payments, such as Refills, Handpays, Claims, Promo
  • Send remote credit
  • Redeem Player Points
  • Verify TITO tickets

The task of rewarding customers made easy.

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What is Q Loyalty?

Customers are rewarded with points for play and attendance and it is usually based on sessions. A player inserts their card into a terminal or platinum card reader for a period of play. On card removal, points are calculated according to the scheme for that machine(s). In turn – points can be converted into rewards.

Loyal customers are more profitable to your business, and this is why:

Reduced costs – The proof is in the numbers: it costs about five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to generate new business from an existing customer.

Recommendations – Happy customers can be your most effective site promoters.

Repeat business – Loyal customers spend more. This is because they are more likely to keep coming back.

Staying ahead – The more loyal your customers are, the wider distance it can put you ahead of the competition

Q Loyalty offers two different solutions


Using a state-of-the-art terminal and customer friendly software, the task of rewarding customers is made very easy. The individual and unique design of the terminal makes it stand out and can be used as a ‘Front of House’ welcoming tool for all customers to any gaming centre or bingo club. The terminal can be designed and enhanced to suit the corporate image of your company.


The customisable Platinum Smart Card reader can be fitted to any gaming / amusement machine and uses a wireless live link into the loyalty database. Players use their loyalty card to accumulate points whilst playing machines. The loyalty points can be ‘cashed in’ at a loyalty terminal for whatever rewards the site wants to offer. The card reader on the machine can show current points, used points and cashless credit.

An app that rewards and retains customers. Increases profits and controls promo spend.

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Promo Lite is a very simple App that allows you to connect to your customers via text, allowing you to send them promotions and reward them for their continued custom.

How does it work?

Using an iPad, your customers sign up to receive rewards, which are sent to them via a text service. When they visit one of your venues, they can redeem their reward via the site iPad.

The system database is accessed via your PC, where your own login provides you with all the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently manage customers and campaigns, ensuring you target the right customers and better manage your promotional spend.

The Dashboard provides an insight to your headline information, including, Total Visits, Members Per Venue, Total Members, Redemption Times, etc. Inbuilt reports allow you to track spend per customer / machine.

The Scheduling Manager allows you to setup multiple offers and allows you to target by customer groups or individually. In other words you retain full control of your Promo budget and where it’s targeted.


  • View your key metrics from dashboard
  • Create and text bespoke offers, with unique validity parameters
  • Send out a digital scratchcard for customers to play and redeem via the venue iPad
  • Send dynamic messages with custom fields such as First Name, Surname and Home Venue
  • Highly configurable member segmentation and searching
  • Built in algorithms identify duplicate members in your database
  • Automatically send out offers based on player behaviours
  • Inbuilt custom reports including, spend by Machine, Customer, Most Visits, etc
  • Control Goodwill promotions, utilising the Staff Limited Access control
  • QuantumV6 integration, so redemptions are fully tracked

Playsafe and Semnox have worked together to create the best fully integrated cashless system.

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8012 PayStation

What is Q Redemption?

The Semnox Redemption system allows you the additional option of bar coding all your inventory items, making the issuing of prizes to your customers quick and accurate, with all stock levels instantly updated on the system.

The system may be fully integrated with your ‘ticket eaters’, allowing shredded ticket data to be added to the customers’ funcards.

What are the benefits?

Using our ‘e-ticket’ functionality, the modern FEC owner can do away with paper tickets completely, if they prefer, saving paper & associated costs.

You can deliver even further levels of customer service by installing our 8012 Semnox Funcard PayStations on site! These terminals are fully integrated with the Semnox Cashless system, and issue funcards to players with credits pre-paid and loaded.


Semnox Redemption system – helping modernise the management of your leisure venue by providing a fast, customer-friendly service backed by extensive reporting & control of your redemption inventory!

  • Manages all swag and prize stocks
  • Fully integrated purchasing and receipt of goods
  • Stock counts and controls
  • Set and manage stock levels per item
  • Ticket based, card based e-ticket, or both
  • Full cost reporting

Integrated cloud solutions for business.

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What is Q Cloud Hosting?

Instead of physical computers, cloud based solutions are virtual computers (hosted off-site) and often referred to as Cloud Servers. These solutions are provided by large computer specialist companies such as Microsoft and allow businesses to reduce the number of physical computers and storage devices in their business.

Computer programs such as Microsoft Office and Playsafe Quantum, can then be installed on these cloud systems and accessed remotely via the internet, the user will not notice their system is running via a cloud based server.

What are the benefits?

  • A cloud server gives your business stability and security as the cloud servers are constantly updated on your behalf
  • Cloud servers are stable, fast and secure.
  • All your data is permanently backed up and secure.
  • All Playsafe applications can be run from the cloud.
  • No need to worry about your old onsite PC/server breaking down and losing all your data.
  • Trusted Microsoft Azure servers.
  • No expensive capital costs for new or upgraded hardware. If you require more storage space or computing power, our cost effective monthly payment plans allow you to scale up or down as required.

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