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Introducing the Playsafe Portal: Empowering Customers with Centralised Insights

02 April 2024

Playsafe Systems is proud to unveil its latest innovation: the Playsafe Portal. Engineered with customers’ needs uppermost in mind, this centralised platform provides a convenient and easily accessible overview of key information, revolutionizing the way businesses can monitor and analyse their operations.

Driven from Quantum collection data but presented in a top level, easy-to-consume view, the Dashboard provides centralised access to key information in a convenient easily accessible overview.

Weekly total earnings and machine averages are showcased through intuitive graphs, offering comprehensive insights into performance trends across different machine types and locations. Additionally, four tables provide deeper insights into net earnings, VTP, payout, and cash differences per system, empowering users with comprehensive data for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.

For those who wish to delve deeper, the Real Time Earnings Dashboard gives operators unparalleled insights driven from real time transaction events, from EC4+ and native GBG MDC machines. Users can seamlessly switch between Today, Yesterday, This Collection, and custom periods, ensuring real-time access to relevant data.

The system can also reveal values for any user configurable data types (Earnings, VTP, Wins, Promo etc.) for the period selected.

For tailored reporting, users can construct custom date ranges, enabling profound insights into specific time frames. Grouping across machine type, or sites and dynamic filtering means operators can fully customise their reporting experience.

“At Playsafe Systems we are dedicated to empowering our customers with innovative solutions that streamline operations and drive success,” says Ian Fuller, Managing Director at Playsafe Systems. “The Portal represents a significant advancement in data visualisation, enabling businesses to make informed decisions with ease.”