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V1012.112 – Unattended Auto-Updates Supported

18 August 2022

As of V1012.112 we have added support for auto-updates to be applied in unattended mode, meaning no user needs to be involved in the update process

·      Playsafe Engineers can now select “Use Latest” to enable unattended auto-updates to the latest PayStation software suite available.


·      In the PayStation Menu, this state is reflected in the PayStations “Automatic Updates” setting, on a new “Updates” tabbed page (Note: this cannot be changed on the PayStation. This setting is restricted to Playsafe Engineers)

·      On the same page, it will ask you to configure a preferred time of day for the PayStation to check for updates. An update is expected to occur at the first opportunity after this time, when it is confirmed the PayStation is not in use. Please enter a time that you know there will be little or no activity on the PayStation

·      You will also be able to configure any days of the week on which you DO NOT want an update check to occur (e.g., A collection day, or an upcoming Public Holiday)

·      On start-up, or when the above conditions are satisfied, and once the PayStation is confirmed not to be in use, it will check for an available update.

·      If an update is found, the PayStation will automatically start the update process by shutting down the user interface, allowing the update to be applied.

·      The upgrade will be applied to completion, with no user intervention required, and the user interface will be relaunched automatically, leaving the PayStation ready for use on the very latest software available!


We will notify all customers once their PayStation has been updated to V1012.112, so that you can set the time and exclude and days