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Giles Wakefield – Senior Software Developer

13 May 2022


How did you come to be working for Playsafe Systems?

In my late teens, as part of an NVQ course I had a work placement at a company then named Playsafe Monitoring Ltd.  I learnt a lot and that placement turned into a full-time job.

I stayed with the company through various buyouts and name changes over the years, until at the start of 2015 I left for pastures new, but I did maintain contact with the previous company, and still did a few odd bits of piece work as an independent contractor.

In August 2017 – due to my then employer electing to move offices – I decided to switch jobs once more, and came back to Playsafe – who in the meantime had been acquired by Eurocoin – bringing a host of new skills and experience.

What does your job entail?

Developing new features for existing products Investigating and fixing any issues with existing software I also research new technologies and processes to help streamline development Then there is designing and planning new software products to fill the needs of our customers and utilise newly available technology and platforms

What is the most enjoyable part of the job for you?

There is definitely satisfaction in sitting back and seeing something you’ve built – or helped build – completed.

I enjoy seeing things I’ve built being used by others to simplify their own workflows/tasks.  I know it sounds silly, but It can sometimes be easy to forget that the tools you create and look at all day are actually used by people, so it’s always nice to see this happen.

I enjoy analysing data;  the challenge of working out first how to best store a customer’s data, and then how to transform that data into a form which provides them with the insight they need to help run their own business.