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Thomas 5002

PayStation Model No: 5002

Change Machine

The PayStation 5002 is a unique high capacity free standing coin changer which provides a simple, reliable solution where very high volumes of coin change to one or to values of coin or token vending or a combination of these is required.

The coins and/or tokens are paid out into a specially designed pay bowl which can also accommodate a removable cup if desired.

Simple to use, the 5002 is available to customers around the clock. It works to support and increase revenue from already established coin operated equipment.


    • High capacity – approx 22,000 coins (see capacities)
    • High security cabinet
    • Attendant beacon indicated the status of the machine, including low coins, door open and out of service
    • Payout values easily changed via replacement control chip
    • Electronic audit data via the display
    • Last coin inserted recall via the alarm keyswitch
    • Supports and increases revenue from coin operated equipment
    • Converts easily when new coins are introduced
    • Separate security base for secure storage
    • Durable cabinet and finish for long lasting good looks