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The PayStation range are market leaders across many sectors. Coins and bank notes, Chip and Pin, contactless and mobile payments, our machines will process your customers’ preferred choice of payments reliably and efficiently.

Thomas 8012

PayStation Model No: 8012

PayStation with Smart Card integration

The PayStation 8012C combines reliable and secure cash-handling with a unique, fully configurable menu, allowing venues to dispense & reload Smart Cards, such as Semnox Fun cards, via its built-in card reader/writer/dispenser. These can be used for prepaid goods or services.


    • Fully integrated with the Semnox Cashless System
    • Heavy duty steel construction makes it secure
    • 21” touchscreen allows simple user access to all kiosk functions
    • Reliable thermal printer for receipts and audit reports
    • iButton fobs identify staff members and authorises controlled actions
    • Multi-functional banknote acceptor with secure stacker
    • Multi-functional card reader/ writer/dispenser
    • Advanced coin validator and coin hoppers work seamlessly with change machine applications
    • Chip-and-pin and contactless payment solution optional
    • Available for purchase or rental

    Machine build specification:

    The standard specification of the PayStation 8012C includes industry-leading products:

    • JCM iPRO Note Recycler
    • Azkoyen Combo-T (D4S, 3 x UII, Escrow)
    • Up to 2 x Money Controls Universal Hoppers
    • TTCE Card Dispenser System
    • Star TUP500 Roll Printer (receipts & audits)


    • Note stacker 900 notes
    • Coin cash box 2500 coins (mixed)
    • Per Azkoyen UII 400 coins (£1)
    • Per universal 2200 coins (£1)
    • Per note recycler cassette 80 notes
    • Card stacker 400 cards
    • Card reject bin 100 cards

    Key Dimensions:

    Approx gross weight: 180 kg
    Max height: 1750 mm
    Max Width: 750 mm
    Depth: 555 mm