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Quantum Quick Guide

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Would it be useful to keep track of your business when you’re not there? Is it important to have full visibility of your entire operation at all times? The solution is now within reach.

Performance gives you a succinct overview of your business data when you’re off-site or on the move.

The Quantum Machine Management System is the most comprehensive system available for monitoring machine operations and has been designed to service the requirements of all sizes and types of operation. It is modular in its constructions and can be configured in a variety of ways.

  • Fully automated
  • Handheld – paperless collection
  • Complies with the latest industry standards
  • Easy to operate

This document is designed to be a quick reference guide covering the 3 main sections to get to know the program. They include:

  1. Maintenance and Administration
  2. The collection process
  3. Reporting

Machine & Maintenance

The best place to start is with site maintenance.

Step 1 in Site Maintenance – this is where your machines are created

Machine Maintenance – this is where the machine level data is inputted.

Importantly, this is where maintaining how machines are metered and how they are recorded.

Some machines may use Electronic Data Capture (EDC) some meters are manually connected.

This is also where the movement of machines between sites (stock/machine movement is recorded.

Machine Movement Screen

  1. Must create a site
  2. The Site must have a meter type
  3. Each machine must have meter type (Manual, EDC, handheld device)

The Collection Process

  • The secure collection process
  • Cover meter reading
  • Counting cash (coin counters)

Need to record and type an asset number – count the cash – end batch

  • Accept
  • Done meter reading
  • Counted cash
  • Deductions – (declare hand-pays, claims, refills)
  • Once everyone is happy with the figures, get a summary – print out
  • Once finally accepted – show all metered readings, metered cash, gross cash


1. Must declare your counted cash, deductions, meter readings/EDC or manual reading declared. Before accepting a collection

Enquires & Reporting


Enquiries l on screen on demand Physical

Machine performance

Performance enquiry grid – screen shot with explanation

Performance overview report – screen shot (This report is more applicable for the auditing manager or Area manager)

B) Reporting – printable paper trail week on week
Contains everything you need to know e.g. Float report
General report

Exceptions report
Site inventory
MGT – what you should pay

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit the support section on our website if you have any questions

Tel: 01707 280 028
Address: Playsafe Systems, Unit 8 Riverside Court, Bath BA2 3DZ

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