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Customer Internet & Wi-FI Requirements

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WIFI and Internet Recommendations

Playsafe recommends minimum specifications of 17Mb line speed with no data caps and a stable router.

What does this mean?

Stability is probably more of a factor than broadband speed. It is important to ensure that you do not have a broadband package with download caps as this could have a negative effect on collection day.

For example:

BT do an “up to” 17Mb Unlimited broadband package for £24.99pcm which would be fine for our needs.

For the same price BT also offer an “up to” 52Mb package. This may look better but it is capped at 30Gb download. If the site were to use up this data allowance before the end of the month this would inhibit communication with the cloud server.

Wi-Fi coverage depends on several factors however, the main points to consider are:

  • All machines need to be within 15 meters of an access point.
  • Are there a lot of other wireless networks in the vicinity?
  • For areas with limited Wi-Fi, what is the 4G coverage like?

Finally, to help you determine your Wi-Fi coverage, try using the Wi-Fi Analyzer tools on the Android or iOS app store.

Any questions on the above, don’t hesitate to email

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