The key to secure and accurate machine revenue management. Now with Quantum TITO inside.

The Thomas PayStation range are market leaders across many sectors. Coins and bank notes, Chip and Pin, contactless and mobile payments, our machines will process your customers’ preferred choice of payments reliably and efficiently.

Thomas 1013

Thomas 1013

Card Dispenser

with contactless card payment

The Thomas 1013 changer is a modern, reliable and secure dispenser offering a loyalty, membership or pre-loaded card in exchange for a contactless smartcard or mobile payment.

The Thomas 1013 accepts all forms of cashless payment, including:

  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Mobile, SMS and NFC Payments
  • Swipe, Contact or Cashless
  • Prepaid cards

Our Nayax system bypasses costly banking channels, deducting a fixed % of each transaction value and paying the balance every week directly to your bank account.

As part of our wall mounted range it provides a practical solution where space is a premium. The robust, powder-coated cabinet, with 5-point locking mechanism, ensures the machine is both secure and durable.


    • Accepts all standard debit + credit contactless cards
    • Connects to NAYAX card authorisation service
    • LCD user display
    • Audit data available via user display or printed, via optional, hand held thermal printer
    • Designed for wall mounting and supplied with a wall mounting frame
    • 5 point locking mechanism


    • Approximately 700 cards, based on cards of 0.3mm thickness
    • Card / booklet dimensions: Length 79mm min. to 89mm max.
      Width 52mm min. to 56mm max.
      Thickness 0.2mm min. to 1.0mm max

    Security features:

    • 2 mm steel cabinet
    • NAYAX contactless module
    • Secure 5 point locking mechanism on the main door
    • Secure wall mounting frame

    Technical specifications:

    • Voltage: 240, 220 or 110 V
    • Power: 48 Watts
    • Weight: 39 kg
    • Dimensions: 250mm(w) x 800mm(h) x 350mm(d)

    Shipping details:

    • Packaging: Cardboard carton
    • Weight: 40kg
    • Size: 370mm(w) x 915mm(h) x 480mm(d)

    Extra cost options:

    • Handheld, plug in audit printer
    • Free-standing base
    • Remote data reporting