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Thomas 1008

Thomas 1008

Coin Changer

The Thomas 1008 coin changer provides an affordable, reliable solution where coin change to one denominations of coin or token is required.

The 1008 can also be used to change up (i.e. lower value coins in for a higher value coin or token out), as well as change down (i.e. higher value coins in for lower value coin or token out). the machine utilises one high speed coin hoppers, providing a fast and accurate transaction.

As part of our wall mounted range it provides a practical solution where space is a premium.

The robust powder coated cabinet, with 5 point locking mechanism, ensure the machine is both secure and durable.


    • Front opening
    • LCD user display
    • Audit data available via user display or printed, via optional, hand held thermal printer
    • Designed for wall mounting and supplied with a wall mounting frame
    • 5 point locking mechanism


    • Approximately 2,000 coins / tokens, based on GBP 1 coins (diameter 22.5mm, thickness 3.1mm)
    • Maximum coin / token diameter = 31 mm

    Security features:

    • 2 mm steel cabinet
    • Secure programme coin mech
    • Secure 5 point locking mechanism on the main door
    • Full electronic audit facility provides, on the liquid crystal display, an analysis by denomination of banknotes accepted, coins paid out and separately, coins emptied
    • Secure wall mounting frame

    Technical specifications:

    • Voltage: 240, 220 or 110 V
    • Power: 48 Watts
    • Weight: 39 kg
    • Dimensions: 250mm(w) x 800mm(h) x 350mm(d)

    Shipping details:

    • Packaging: Cardboard carton
    • Weight: 40kg
    • Size: 370mm(w) x 915mm(h) x 480mm(d)

    Extra cost options:

    • Handheld, plug in audit printer