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Playsafe presents Ticket2Go,
an innovative ticketing solution

Authorised service center for Ticket2Go.

Moving to Ticket payout, rather than coin? Our dedicated Systems Support team provide full after-sales back-up for all our Ticket2Go clients, offering real-time telephone call support for all your operational and machine accounting questions relating to both cash and TITO tickets.

Designed and developed for small to medium-sized gaming sites, our Ticket2Go System offers a retrofit ticketing solution for gaming machines delivering a simple, single ticketing solution across your entire gaming floor.

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How it works

Eliminate coin floats by taking all the coins in your machine hoppers, and bank them! TITO ticket payout eliminates coin payout.

The Ticket2Go system is now installed in more than 250 UK gaming venues and on 3,000+ machines!

Playsafe supplies, installs and supports the Ticket2Go system in our many clients’ sites, providing a cost-effective and secure networked Ticket In/Ticket Out solution. This TITO system is already integrated with the Thomas Gaming PayStation PLUS Kiosk with Ticket Redemption features, plus is completely networked with our Playsafe Quantum machine management system to provide joined-up automatic data retrieval and analytics for site owners and management.

TITO is proven across the gaming machine sector

Ticket2Go can be installed across multiple sites, enabling operators to replace coin payouts with a simple barcoded ticket payout solution. Site owners can expect to immediately bank their entire current coin float – typically £1,000 to £1,500 per machine – and enjoy the subsequent time & cost savings on coin-counting, bagging and banking.

Ticket2Go TITO operates across a standard Ethernet network between the machine and the Ticket2Go Redemption Terminal, which acts as the Site Controller. The system is fully GBG- and SAS- compliant plus Eurocoin have fully integrated Ticket2Go with our Playsafe Quantum machine management software and our Thomas Redemption Kiosksded.

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  • Fully integrated with UK GBG protocol
  • SAS-compliant for slot hall machines
  • Proven across UK machine sites
  • Popular with players
  • Simple to retrofit
  • Eliminates coin payouts
  • Speeds-up daily counts
  • Automatic Ticket Redemption in Kiosks
  • Completely secure barcoded system
  • Ready to install on your site now…!

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