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What Is TITO?

Each gaming machine, if not already TITO, typically has a kit that removes the Coin Hoppers and replaces them with a TITO Ticket Printer. When a player wins on the gaming machine, instead of receiving Banknotes and Coins, they will receive a TITO ticket instead.

These tickets includes details of the date and time of issue, the location and most importantly the amount of money owed to the player.

Players are then free to enter the TITO ticket into another connected TITO gaming machine, where the value of the ticket will be added to the machine, or they can be verified and redeemed manually via the Quantum HandHeld or automatically via a Thomas PayStation.

Quantum TITO is fully integrated with both the Thomas PayStation range, ensuring accurate auditing of TITO ticket payments and the Quantum Machine Management System. This provides a joined-up automatic and accurate accounting of machine / ticket data and analytics for site owners and management.

The system is highly secure and reliable, no more jammed or empty payout hoppers, providing your players with the best playing experience and ensuring greater up time for your gaming machines.

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How does it work?

Each TITO gaming machine in the site is connected via a Network to the Quantum TITO Server, typically located in a secure office. Whenever a player presses collect on their gaming machine, the gaming machine communicates with the Quantum TITO Server via the network and informs the server of the payout value. The server then sends the gaming machine a unique and secure number, which the gaming machine prints as a barcode via the internal TITO Ticket Printer. This ticket is then ‘live’ on the system until it’s either redeemed or inserted into another gaming machine, at that point, the ticket and unique number cannot be redeemed again.



  • Fully GBG TITO compliant
  • Proven across UK gaming machine sites
  • Popular with players – no more waiting for payouts
  • Simple to install and retro-fit to existing machine
  • Eliminates cash payout Increases machine uptime, no more jams
  • Increases profits, through greater VTP
  • Speeds up machine collections
  • Simple ticket verification via Quantum Handheld or Thomas PayStation
  • Completely secure industry-standard barcoded system
  • Full turnkey solution Now included with QuantumV6


  • Increased machine performance – eliminates hand-pays and hopper jams resulting in longer periods of gaming machine operation. Increased VTP levels, ensures higher cashbox performance
  • Increased customer service levels – reduced time at cashier stations waiting for payment. Easy player transitions from one gaming machine to another, carrying credits on a ticket, not cash
  • Increased security – eliminates coin clearances & refills from gaming machines. Coin floats are no longer required. All cash can be centralised in a secure Thomas PayStation
  • Increased efficiency – your Customer Service team can focus on players, not payouts. Less money to count at collection time, saving valuable staff hours

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