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Would it be useful to keep track of your business when you’re not there? Is it important to have full visibility of your whole operation at all times? The solution may now be within reach. Playsafe Performance provides access to a high-level overview of your business data from wherever you are.

Being web-based, Performance gives you easy access to key operational data at all levels within your organisation. This high level of flexibility allows your individual managers or operators to access their own site/machine income data online.

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How it works

Performance is an easy to use, easy to view cloud-based program configured to deliver your key site metrics/data quickly and easily.

The home screen consists of a simple dashboard showing your accumulated weekly and Year To Date (YTD) performance vs previous month and years. Performance reports section allows you to monitor performance by individual site location or operator. You can view sites with both positive and negative variances.

This data can be compared historically to help build a clear picture should anomalies arise. It is possible to insert/import specified budgets for each of your sites track site performance throughout the financial year. Site and machine Trends whether they are as a percentage or value contribution are also tracked and recorded. Finally – Playsafe Performance contains a helpful alert mechanism that is configurable to highlight, machine and site variance

Performance provides: a dashboard that flags up trends and possible issues.helps Identify opportunities and potential problems. Gives you relevant, accurate information – tailored to your needs. Our software helps you to close those information gaps when you’re busy elsewhere.

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    What you need to get started:

    • Your Site(s) need to be running Quantum
    • We upload your data to the cloud
    • Customise your number of users and permission levels
    • You need a tablet or smart phone
    • Internet access

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