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The task of rewarding
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An easy solution to rewards
and customer loyalty programmes

Customers are rewarded with points for play and attendance and it is usually based on sessions. A player inserts their card into a terminal or platinum card reader for a period of play. On card removal, points are calculated according to the scheme for that machine(s). In turn – Points can be converted into rewards.

  • Reduced costs – The proof is in the numbers: it costs about five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to generate new business from an existing customer.
  • Recommendations – Happy customers can be your most effective site promoters.
  • Repeat business – Loyal customers spend more. This is because they are more likely to keep coming back.
  • Staying ahead – The more loyal your customers are, the wider the distance it can put you ahead of the competition.

Playsafe Loyalty offer
two different solutions


Using a state-of-the-art terminal and customer friendly software, the task of rewarding customers is made very easy. The individual and unique design of the terminal makes it stand out and can be used as a “Front of House” welcoming tool for all customers to any gaming centre or bingo club. The terminal can be designed and enhanced to suit the corporate image of your company.


The customisable Platinum smart card reader can be fitted to any gaming/amusement machine and uses a wireless live link into the loyalty database. Players use their loyalty card to accumulate points whilst playing machines. The loyalty points can be “cashed in” at a loyalty terminal for whatever rewards the site wants to offer.

Planning Points

A notional value of a point is attributed to a cash value (1p/1c). The points value is used to calculate the ‘customer incentive’ e.g. as a percentage of bets. The points value and percentage can be used to value rewards and configure schemes.

Typically, a reward catalogue would be produced listing items that can be purchased with points. Prizes may vary from cash, promotional credit, game, or an X-box etc. It is beneficial to show an image of the prize and players claim though the terminal, Paystation or CashDesk.

Reports include:

• Summary by player
• Session details
• Pending / Issued rewards
• Claimed / Unclaimed vouchers
• Player list
• Summary by machine
• Select by player, group or all

Play Information – why is it useful and important?

With a comprehensive loyalty solution in place, not only will your customers benefit but your business will too. Important Information such as: which player, which machine, how much has been bet and won and how long did the player spend on the machine. You will be able to clearly identify your top players and reward them accordingly.

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