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Playsafe Cloud Hosting

With Playsafe cloud hosting services, we take away all your worries about backing up, storing and protecting your machine/site data.



  • All your data is stored centrally in one location and is protected.
  • No need to worry about your old onsite PC/server breaking down and losing all your precious data.
  • Multi-site backup solution.
  • Back-ups are performed automatically, at least daily but their frequency can be configured to better suit your operation.
  • Playsafe support has greater visibility and you will experience greater reliability.

Playsafe Cloud Hosting
storing and protecting your machine data.

  • Other Playsafe applications such as Performance and Cash Desk are integrated seamlessly.
  • One fixed monthly cost – quote an example.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Charges vary depending on the numbers of machines.
  • Data is located in a secure Microsoft Cloud-based data centre – a very safe environment with over 99% server running times guaranteed.


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