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Quantum App

Pre-installed on the new Playsafe
Quantum Handheld

Simple and straightforward to operate, a more modern way of doing things

The new Playsafe Quantum Handheld Device is a major upgrade on what’s gone before. Designed to replace outdated, dedicated handheld devices such as:  Pidion, Oyster, Pocket PC and Micro flex models.

The Quantum app is purchased pre-loaded on the Blackview BV5800 Ruggedized device and ready to use. (Specification below)

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How it works

Using Wi-Fi, the preconfigured device links directly to your Quantum system, allowing you to identify barcoded machines via the built-in barcode scanner and manually enter the machine meters.

All collected meters are instantly synced to your Quantum system, via your sites Wi-Fi. The Handheld device may then be connected to your coin counter and all counted cash will be transferred from the unit to your quantum system. Your collection is now complete.

  • The Handheld can be synced with your Quantum database – enabling you to get up and running quickly and easily
  • Scan the barcode on the machine to identify asset from the database
  • Add meter readings and then simply sync the data with Quantum
  • Wi-Fi synchronisation to update Quantum
  • Link coin & note counters by connecting the leads between the handheld and the counter
  • Allows the manual input of coin, note and ticket values
  • Review stored data – this may be reviewed before sending to Quantum
  • Scan player cards to check loyalty status and redeem points – Scan machines with player cards inserted to check loyalty and redeem points
  • New Blackview IP-68 ruggedized Device
  • Functional and affordable
  • Facilitates machine movements
  • Remote support for the Handheld is provided via TeamViewer

The app comes preloaded and fully configured for your sites on the new rugged device. View Datasheet

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