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Quantum HandHeld, an app and device combination that allows you to take the Quantum features mobile.

What is Quantum HandHeld?

The Quantum HandHeld is an App & device combination that allows Quantum users to carry out some Quantum tasks while mobile within their business. These can be manual meter collection, TITO ticket verification, processing of HandPays, Redeeming Player Points, issuing Promo and much more. Using the Quantum HandHeld in your business provides you with a simple way to collect all machine data, no requirement for an Electronic Data capture card in each machine, and process counted cash. Using the internal device camera, machines can be quickly identified using a barcode.

Plug the HandHeld into your coin counter and all the counted cash from each machine will be sent to the central Quantum system, along with the collected machine meters, providing a cost effective and efficient way to manage your machine income.

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How does it work?

Each HandHeld comes fully configured to work on your estate. You select the site you are currently working on and then any activities are fully sync’d back to the Quantum system either via the sites Wi-Fi or via an optional GSM sim card.


  • Comes fully configured
  • Links to site Wi-Fi
  • Option for data sim card
  • Collect manual meter readings
  • Perform machine moves
  • Identify machines quickly using barcodes
  • Count cash or tickets – plus directly into Coin Counter
  • Issue manual payments, such as Refills, HandPays, Claims, Promo
  • Send remote credit*
  • Redeem Player Points*
  • Verify TITO tickets


  • Removes the requirement for EDC units on certain machines
  • Help speed up collections
  • Ability for staff to carry out manual payments on the shop floor – all recorded in Quantum
  • Highly ruggedized unit for long life performance
  • Lowest cost of ownership

The app comes preloaded and fully configured for your sites on the new rugged device. View Datasheet

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