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Thomas 3004

Thomas 3004


This is a factory refurbished machine with fully updated hardware and software – all of which is prepared and tested by official Thomas engineers.

The Thomas 3004 free standing banknote and coin changer provides a simple, reliable solution where high volumes of note change, coin change and token vending, or a combination of these is required.

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Why Fit Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to a Thomas Change Machine?

EDC is now an option and a kit can be retrofitted to all legacy Thomas 3000 / 5000 and 1000 series change machines quickly and easily.

Once the hardware is fitted, Quantum customers will be able to:

  1. View all coin & note in data at denomination level
  2. View all coin & note out data at denomination level
  3. View card payments made (if Nayax is fitted, reported as ‘Cashless In’)
  4. View the ‘cash box’ level of the machine
  5. Set a ‘float level’ for their change machine and see low-level alert, via Dashboard, when the dispenser float drops below 10%
  6. Perform a ‘Refill’, via SM or CashDesk at denomination level, when a float addition is required

Playsafe Systems offer this for both EC5 as well as EC4 units and the solution can be implemented at remote sites reporting back to a hosted system.

The hardware kit consists of:

  • 1 x P270 Meter Interface PCB
  • 1 x EC4 or EC5
  • 1 x Harness Kit

For EDC pricing and installation information on Thomas Change Machines, please contact Playsafe by email: or, tel – 01707 280 028


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