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Semnox & Playsafe providing world class cashless systems

08 June 2021

Semnox & Playsafe providing world class cashless systemsBoth Semnox and Playsafe Systems are industry leaders in their fields. Therefore, it was hardly surprising when the Thomas 8012C Paystation with smart card integration took the world of cashless by storm. 7 years on and the relationship between Playsafe and Semnox is stronger than ever.

Vinayaka Kamath, Head of Semnox – Middle East and Europe, comments “Paystation is a great example of how two excellent companies can come together to emerge with a robust and business-friendly solution. Being one of the best cashless system providers in the market, and with continued support from Playsafe, we are hoping to reach out to a larger lead-base in the UK/Ireland entertainment market and help businesses switch to Semnox.”

The 8012C Paystation combines reliable and secure cash handling as well as being fully integrated with the Semnox Cashless System. This allows venues to dispense & reload Smart Cards, such as Semnox Fun cards, via its built-in card reader/writer/dispenser.

Ian Fuller, MD – Playsafe Systems adds “At Playsafe we are always looking to ensure that our systems are fully integrated. This integration also includes work with other leading system suppliers including Cashless system providers such as Semnox. Looking at the worldwide install base and growth of Semnox installations in the UK, it was a no brainer to ensure we worked closely with Semnox. Our trusted Thomas 8012C Smartcard PayStation is the perfect partner when it comes to dispensing and revaluing Semnox Funcards. The Thomas 8012C accepts banknotes, coins, bank cards and contactless payments, allowing users to simply and easily purchase and revalue and return a Funcard card for a deposit. The highly reliable PayStation is fully linked to both the Quantum and Semnox systems, ensuring all transactions and system updates are processed in real-time.”

Fuller also comments on the effect of the current pandemic, “Talking to several of our customers, Covid appears to be the time that the industry is really starting to embrace cashless, be it installing Quantum TITO in thier AGC’s, installing Cashless acceptance on Thomas Change Machines & PayStations or rolling out Semnox across a whole park. Cashless is certainly here to stay and we look forward to many more productive years partnering with Semnox”