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Going Cashless? Ask the Experts

30 March 2023

TITO, Contactless, Chip & Pin, Tokens and Smart Cards – there are many different routes you can take to go cashless in your location. Everybody promises to make life easier but it’s quite a challenge to work out what might suit your business best.

This is why Playsafe offers a number of different systems and services and can give you independent advice on how best to achieve your main objectives.

“Whether you are considering the complexities of installing Chip & Pin or Contactless devices on your PayStations/Change Machines, want to understand more about TITO & Cashless Wallets, or would like to add a complete cashless environment in your FEC – we have you covered,” says Managing Director Ian Fuller. “At Playsafe /Thomas, we have been working with Chip & Pin and Contactless for many years and our PayStations have for a long time been able to accept not only cash, but also card payments. TITO is now commonplace in UK AGC’s and the uptake of TITO through our Quantum system powered by the Thomas PayStations, has been incredible, so much so, we are now adding TITO to the Click Management system which we developed alongside VMA Systems. We anticipate this will be popular with FEC and arcade customers, as Click also features a powerful redemption management tool. We are now at the forefront of bringing payment wallets to the industry and we look forward to announcing exciting details very soon.”

Playsafe also has a longstanding relationship with Semnox, whose Parafait system is powering Cashless FECs up and down the country.

Playsafe anticipates that many customers will still want to deal with cash on site alongside taking contactless payments if their players prefer and it is legal to do so. “We work closely with the trade associations to ensure that we can advise our customers exactly what can be done when it comes to taking payments on site,” adds Ian. We also appreciate that there are concerns over the cost of cashless systems or processing fees. If you have any queries at all about how to achieve the best outcome for your business while giving your players the best service – just ask, we will be happy to help.”