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Thomas PayStations, which one do you need?

Our trusted and robust PayStations are market leaders across many sectors and continents. 

Reels Casino Case Study

In these challenging times, AGC operators are looking closely at their business’s and looking for opportunities to streamline, drive better efficiency and improve security.

Quantum HandHeld

Quantum HandHeld, an app and device combination that allows you to take the Quantum features mobile.

TITO the proven ticket in / ticket out system for your business

Looking to roll out TITO across your estate to streamline your operation, drive better efficiency, increase machine uptime whilst also increasing profits?

Quantum V6 – ‘Now With TITO’

Playsafe Quantum the industry-leading, flexible solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data.

The Arrival of Iain Lunt as UK Sales & Commercial Manager

Playsafe Systems / Thomas, have underlined their continued investment in key personnel with the arrival of Lain Lunt as UK Sales & Commercial Manager.

Introducing Quantum Promo Lite

Promo lite is a simple App that allows you to connect with your customers both remotely and on-site.

Chip and Pin / Contactless Payments

Following recent articles in the press, questions surrounding the future of cash have never been so pertinent.  The use of debit cards overtook cash in 2018, indicating that the decline of cash began long before lockdown.

Free Cash Machines Are Vanishing at An Alarming Rate

Increasingly, cash is going to become harder to access due to fewer cash machines and more expensive to obtain.

Sweden has seen the future and it’s cashless

Ten years from now, a pasty-faced young man in a decrepit St Petersburg office block hits the enter key on his laptop and disables the entire Swedish economy. Card machines spew out streams of meaningless symbols. Nannies, taxi drivers and civil servants go unpaid. The smartphone apps everyone relies on to take the bus to […]

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