The key to secure and accurate machine revenue management. Now with Quantum TITO inside.

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Why Quantum

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Playsafe Quantum is a proven, flexible solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data. Fast, simple and cost-effective, Quantum collects and analyses your total revenue as well as your machine performance data, so that your business can perform at its very best.

QUANTUM: The key to revenue analysis and machine management

Whether you’re a small to medium sized operator or large business owner, Quantum provides a versatile and scalable solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data. This, in turn, allows you to analyse your revenue, providing accurate, real-time accounting information to business owners and operators.

From machine performance statistics (including TITO ticket data) to fraud detection and prevention, Quantum helps you maximise returns on every machine.

Your data collection method can be configured to meet your business needs and budget.

Option 1: Use a handheld device to collect machine meter readings.

Option 2: Use state-of-the-art electronic data capture devices within each machine that continously send data over WiFi to Quantum.

Option 3: Any combination of the first two options.

And, Quantum helps you pin-point problems quickly. A graphical representation of your floor layout, viewable on your computer, plus status notifications from your machines in real time help you respond quickly and effectively.

The best part? Quantum is flexible, fast, simple to use and cost-effective.

Turning data into information you can use

Quantum helps you by converting your data into useful information so you can evaluate profit contribution by both site and machine to optimise your returns.

  • Track your financial performance by checking net take and operating percentages
  • Reconcile your counted cash with your metered cash
  • Prevent and detect fraud
  • Monitor your hoppers in real time, including maintaining hopper levels and reducing site floats
  • Track all cash handling by site staff including handpays, machine refills and player claims
  • Respond to machine errors and events, thereby minimising down time
  • View and analyse both live and historical data across your whole site and estate
  • Comes with secure wireless connectivityIn addition, Quantum will help revolutionise your Count Room and Cash Desk operations, saving you countless hours by automating the collection of your coin, note and ticket data. Accurate and insightful end-of-day reports give you everything you need to know at a glance so you can fine-tune your operations to function at their best.

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