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TITO – Pre-install Site Check List

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Pre-install Site Check List

Even with a manufacturer’s official conversion kit machines can be very problematic to convert and get working. There is no way to know what problems will arise until the conversion is attempted. This is especially true of retrofit kits that require a phub. Be advised that this can severely impact engineer’s time and progress on site. The machine may also require extra parts\software upgrade that is not part of the kit.

Again, this will only become apparent as the machine is being worked on. The engineer will endeavour to complete the conversion if possible but may have to revert the machine to cash and revisit when parts required are available or leave the machine off until it can be successfully converted.

  1. Each machine being converted will need its own connected network (RJ45) port near to the machine.
  2. This network needs to be patched into the site’s internet router (important for remote support) usually via a network switch or switches.
  3. Each TiTo machine will need a long enough patch cable to connect the machine to the relevant network port.
  4. The engineer will NOT get involved in the network setup or in modifying network settings etc.
  5. A position needs to be available to site the Ticket2Go terminal with power available.
  6. A network port needs to be available, on the same network as the machines, for the Ticket2Go
  7. If the Ticket2Go system is exporting to a Quantum system on site, then both systems need to be on
    the same network.
  8. If a redemption station is being used to redeem tickets, then this must be patched into the same
    network as the machines and Ticket2Go terminal.
  9. If the TiTo system is linking to a Quantum system, then the engineer will need to know the
    Quantum machine numbers for each machine being converted.
  10. Any machine that requires extra manufacturer’s parts over and above the conversion kit will need
    to be ordered by the customer. E.g. it is discovered that the main game board is faulty or out of date.

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