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Coin Counter Connection to Hand Held Terminal

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On the handheld:

  1. Select the Coin Counter menu
  2. Today’s date will appear – if this is the required date tap once on the “ENT” button.
  3. The Hand Held is now ready to receive cash from the coin counter.
  4. If you wish to change the date, select the down arrow button next to the date and select the required date. Then select the “ENT” button to accept this date. The hand held will now go into receive mode, and will wait for data from the coin counter

On the coin counter:

  1. On the coin counter, select START BATCH,
  2. Enter machine number and then count cash
  3. When you have finished that machine, select START SUB-BATCH to count the next machine. As you start the next machine, the previous machine will be sent to the hand held (and to the printer if you have one connected)
  4. When you have finished counting all machines, select the END BATCH key

At the end of the count if the coin counter does not automatically put the hand held out of ‘receive’ mode, select the “ENT” button once. Screen will display “Exit Coin Counter Are You Sure?” – Select “Yes” button and wait 5 –10 secs for the program to close and return to the main menu.

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