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CashDesk Installations Options

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Option 1 – Standalone

A single standalone tablet with all in one.

CashDesk touchscreen or tablet, with Site Manager Enterprise and Service and Sequel Server database. This facility offers manual float management and also handles promotions, refills and hand pays. A print summary option is available, and the audit trial is stored locally on the device.

Option 2 – Standalone with multiple devices

The next level up is to have a multi-client stand-alone system containing 2 or more CashDesks. This set-up requires a dedicated host/PC. The CashDesk devices require a stable internet connection, with a full wifi coverage throughout the whole working area to send information to the host.

Option 3 – Connect to an existing Quantum system

The system uses a Quantum API to update CashDesk activity onto the Quantum system. If the connection drops, CashDesk won’t work. Good Wi-Fi and internet is required. This set-up automatically updates Quantum with records of all deductions such as refills, claims, hand pays and promotions. It also picks up all the assets across the site.

Option 4 – Fully integrated

Offers live hand pays fully automated when combined with electronic data capture and Site Manager. Includes live reporting of what’s in the machines. Larger Organisations with multiple sites have regular collections integrated TITO, Paystation and loyalty system options.

N.B. Legacy systems won’t integrate with CashDesk

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