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An Introduction to CashDesk

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CashDesk enables operators to manage the flow of cash on site. The program has been designed specifically to keep track of cash in the cash desk; refills, hand pay-outs, claims/refunds and promotions. CashDesk removes the dependency on paper records, automatically storing an audit trail for better transparency/reporting and saving you and your staff a great deal of time.

Save time with CashDesk

CashDesk is designed to save you time by simplifying the management of your on-site cash. Key features include:

  • Manages cash floats within the operation i.e. cash drawer, cash room, safe, etc.
  • Comes with easy-to-use touchscreen interface that requires minimal training
  • Can be used on a tablet PC and carried around by obile cashiers within your site
  • Automates recording of machine-related cash transactions, hand pay-outs, claims/refunds and, promotional cash
  • Removes dependency on paper records
  • Stores an audit trail for better transparency and reporting
  • Allows different privilege levels for different staff members, with optional thresholds requiring manager approval
  • Directly integrates with existing Eurocoin systems
  • Automatically registers pending hand pays reported by machines
  • Automatically enters machine-related information into the Quantum system
  • Gives you up to four customisable buttons for common actions (e.g. ‘print £5 Promotional Ticket’, ‘pay £10 promotional Cash’)
  • Integrates with TITO systems to allow direct printing of promotional ticket-crediting machines for free plays, match play promotions
  • Supports the recording of signatures on transactions for compliance and auditing
  • Directly credits machines, (where supported,) for free/match play promotions.

Information we need in order to customise CashDesk

1. Do you have Quantum and would you like CashDesk to update Quantum?

2. What would you like the four customisable buttons to do?

3. Do you want a touchscreen PC, tablet, or both?

4. Playsafe recommend a dedicated all in one PC/touchscreen but you can use your own PC/laptop. We would need to know the spec and operating system in advance of the installation.

Take the next step

For information on pricing, hardware options, and installation please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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