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Thomas 1025 – Notes & Coins In, Coins or Tokens Out
Thomas 1025 – Notes & Coins In, Coins or Tokens Out

Our Thomas 1025 is an 8,000 coin high-capacity, wall-mounted coin and banknote changer. Flexible and reliable, the model 1025 allows 2 denominations of coins or tokens to be paid out in exchange for notes and coins in.

  • Can be used to change up (ie: lower value coins in for higher value coins or tokens out), as well as change down (ie: higher value coins in for lower value coins or tokens out)
  • Designed around the wh EMP800 coinmech and the Suzo Cube hopper
  • Front opening
  • LCD user display
  • Audit data available via user display or, printed, via optional, hand held, plug in, thermal printer
  • Designed for wall mounting, with wall mounting frame included

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