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CashIO Silver
CashIO Silver

Since the CashIO automates cashier operations, it not only reduces cash handling costs but also offers players improved service.

CashIO is a versatile, flexible system with all the features needed to support casino operators at every level – right up to cashless gaming. It even allows the simultaneous use of banknotes, coins, and cashless media such as tickets and cards (TITO – ticket-in / ticket-out).

The system offers maximum convenience and outstanding ease of use for customers.

The gaming machine issues players a ticket representing their winnings. With the ticket, they can either move on to another slot machine or go to the CashIO, where they can collect their winnings without standing in line at the cashier’s cage.

CashIO is able to print tickets for the coin change during redemption transactions. This allows coinless operation at the CashIO Silver.

  • Forward-looking, secure investment: CashIO uses a modular design for maximum application flexibility and ease of upgrading.
  • Banknote / ticket insertion: Accepts all standard tickets (TITO) and all major currencies
  • Banknote dispenser: All major currencies, up to for different denominations
  • Receipt printer: Prints receipts to specifications
  • Card functions: Supports, accepts and dispenses RFID, magstripe and smart cards
  • Biometric sensor: Use fingerprint or palm vein for operator authentication (optional)
  • Device management and user support: Standard PC with Linux operating system

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