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CashIO Platinum
CashIO Platinum

CashIO: Cash It Out is the solution

Since the CashIO automates cashier operations, it not only reduces cash handling costs but also offers players improved service.CashIO is a versatile, flexible system with all the features needed to support casino operators at every level – right up to cashless gaming.

It even allows the simultaneous use of banknotes, coins, and cashless media such as tickets and cards (TITO – ticket-in / ticket-out).

The system offers maximum convenience and outstanding ease of use for customers.

  • Forward-looking, secure investment: CashIO uses a modular design for maximum application flexibility and ease of upgrading.
  • Facelift option: Optical improved facelift option is available
  • Secure enclosure: Protects cash in a safe
  • Banknote / ticket insertion: Accepts all standard tickets (TITO) and all major currencies
  • Receipt printer: Prints receipts to specifications
  • Card functions: Supports, accepts and dispenses RFID, magstripe and smart cards
  • Coin insertion: Up to four different coin denominations
  • Biometric sensor: Use fingerprint or palm vein for operator authentication (optional)
  • Device management and user support: Standard PC with Linux operating system

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