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offering a Retrofitted Ticketing Solution For Gaming Machines


Eurocoin is an Authorised Service Centre for Ticket2Go, JCM Global’s innovative ticketing solution developed for AWP/Low Payout Machine and SAS-based slot machine markets.

Moving to Ticket payout, rather than coin? Our dedicated Systems Support team provide full after-sales back-up for all our Ticket2Go clients, offering real-time telephone call support for all your operational and machine accounting questions relating to both cash and TITO tickets.

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TITO is proven across the gaming machine sector

TITO can be installed across multiple sites, enabling operators to replace coin payouts with a simple barcoded ticket payout solution. Site owners can expect to immediately bank their entire current coin float – typically £1,000 to £1,500 per machine – and enjoy the subsequent time & cost savings on coin-counting, bagging and banking.

TITO operates across a standard Ethernet network between the machine and the Ticket2Go Redemption Terminal, which acts as the Site Controller. The system is fully GBG- and SAS- compliant plus Eurocoin have fully integrated Ticket2Go with our Playsafe Quantum machine management software and our Thomas Redemption Kiosksded.


Thomas 8021C Series – Gaming PayStation

The Thomas TITO Gaming PayStation  is our advanced, automated Kiosk Terminal that provides a complete solution for Gaming, Bingo & Amusement venues. Processing bulk mixed coins, handling all TITO ticket redemption, change-giving and banknote payout are swiftly and securely handled by the PayStation Plus on your premises. Cost-effective, powerful and already linked to both TITO and Machine Accounting systems on your floor, 8021C PayStation is the ideal choice for the modern gaming venue.

  • Totally configurable web-based ticketing screen.
  • High security heavy duty steel cabinet construction
  • 21” touchscreen allows simple user access through all operations.
  • Processes up to 200 mixed coins per bulk insertion quickly & accurately
  • Reliable thermal printer for receipts and audit reports.
  • Multi-functional banknote acceptor with secure stacker.
  • Advanced coin validator and coin hoppers work seamlessly with change machine applications.
  • Chip and pin payment solution optional.
  • ATM-grade, multi-cassette note dispenser, offering 3 denomination payout.
  • NFC card reader identifies staff members and authorises controlled actions
  • Fully integrated with Playsafe Quantum system
  • Fully integrated with GBG, SAS, Video bet TITO systems
Thomas 8026 – Compact TITO Redemption Gaming PayStation

The Compact PayStation is a sleek, modern, multi-functional kiosk designed for round-the-clock activity in busy public environments.

Stylish and eye-catching, the PayStation occupies only a small footprint in your site, leaving plenty of space for your hard-working colleagues & visitors.

PayStation is highly secure, and fully configurable, allowing cash and card transactions to be processed quickly and efficiently. Sites have complete control over the design, content and pricing of the menu, so all items, goods and services on sale in your venue can be offered to customers for pre-payment. A barcoded receipt is issued to the customer, and all transactions are fully recorded in your Cloud-based PayStation account.

PayStation thinks smart, and looks smart too…each Compact kiosk can be fully wrapped to your own design, as illustrated.

  • Fully integrated with Playsafe Quantum system
  • Fully integrated with GBG, SAS, and SG video bet TITO system
  • Accepts all card payments, with note & coin payment options also
  • Prints barcoded receipts for all transactions
  • Powered by Creditcall’s award winning “ChipDNA” payment gateway service
  • Compact footprint with secure floor or wall-mounting
  • Uses proven Thomas operating system – used across hundreds of public sites
  • Fully configurable 15.6” touchscreen interface • Fully networked for reporting & diagnostics
  • Available for purchase or rental
Ticket & Note Counter
Ticket & Note Counter

Eurocoin Note and TITO ticket counter/sorter is a high-speed, compact device that is ideal for busy count rooms & cash desks. The unit will accept mixed denomination notes and TITO tickets from a stacker or cash box, and provide a full value count for the entire batch.

The advance serial number recognition feature will both identify and eliminate any duplicate counterfeit banknotes, plus will allow the individual counting and recording of barcoded TITO tickets. All ticket and note data is exportable to a thermal receipt printer and/or your venue’s host accounting system via LAN, USB or RS232
This is a cost-effective and feature-packed counter & sorter that will save a great deal of time and money in your operation.

Tailor-made products for the following sectors:

  • Leisure
  • Parking
  • Events & Attractions access
  • Drinks, Snacks & Services pre-purchasing
  • Prescription & Scan purchases for hospitals
  • Amusement
  • Events & Attractions access
  • Drinks, Snacks & Services pre-purchasing
Thomas 8021C Series – Gaming PayStation
Thomas 8021C Series – Gaming PayStation
Thomas 8026 – Compact TITO Redemption Gaming PayStation
Thomas 8026 – Compact TITO Redemption Gaming PayStation
Ticket & Note Counter
Ticket & Note Counter

Go Cashless
With Playsafe's Payter Solution

  • Income is paid into your account daily less the approx. 2% transaction fee.
  • There is no daily cap on the number of individual transactions a customer can make.

One Unique Payment Platform which comes in different form factors creating a flexible solution for all environments and Vending Machines supporting many payment scheme’s in one device. The P6 series is designed for unattended points of sale, such as Food or Soda vending machines, carwash stations, parking machines etc. As Vending Machines come in many different sizes and shapes, the P6 platform comes in various designs to offer the best solution for every situation.

Payter has a wide selection of terminals to suit many different unattended payment situations. We are happy to help you to find the right terminal and help you manage your business more efficiently by supplying cutting edge hardware technology along with a suite of in-house developed software solutions.

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