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Playsafe's Cashless Solution


A simple solution to a cashless future.

Extend the life span and usage of your Thomas Change Machine by retrofitting a Payter kit.

Save money by not having to replace your whole machine. Improve your customer experience. Easy to install and manage.

In today’s world, customers are increasingly becoming comfortable using digital solutions to pay for services and products.

Fewer people carry and use cash. The reality is that cashless payments are now widespread, and people expect this to be a payment option. When you add a cashless solution offering an array of cashless possibilities you’ll see an increase in consumers and an increase in revenue. Operators also gain the ability to offer loyalty campaigns, increase consumer interaction and reduce their cash handling costs.

Greater revenue

No daily cap on the number of individual transactions.

Reduced expenses

2.95% transaction fee.

Higher profits

Fully integrates with Quantum our management software.

Easy to use,
Easy to convert to.

  • Installation is simple and straight forward and can be undertaken in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Income is paid into your account daily less the approx. 2% transaction fee.
  • There is no daily cap on the number of individual transactions a customer can make.
  • Occasionally, as an extra security measure, they may be asked to enter a PIN number. Should this arise the transaction will be declined.
  • Installation can be provided by e-Service for an additional charge.
  • The monthly service charge is payable via direct debit and provides support and on-line access detailing all transactions.
  • Integrates with the Playsafe Quantum management software.

Give your customers the flexibility to pay any way they choose.  Payter VPOS utilizes the latest technology so Thomas Change Machines can accept all forms of payment with the added benefits of easy installation, clearance, monitoring, and management.

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