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Playsafe Hardware

Designed to Optimise Your Business

Playsafe’s Hardware Solutions

Playsafe Systems integrate essential hardware & technical components from world-class global manufacturers & supply these items in configurations designed to optimise your business.  Our After-Sales team offer service, spare parts and support all manufacturer warranties for our entire range of products.

We supply:

  • Coin & Note Change Machines
  • Ticketing and Prepayment Machines
  • Ticket, Note & Coin Counters
  • System Integrated Kiosks & Terminals
  • Cash & Card Operated Timers
  • Tokens, Cards & Accessories


Thomas Machines are rugged & secure for public sites


Simple to use for your clients


Fast coin & note transactions, Proven reliability in 100’s of sites

Secure and Reliable

We have a wide range of wall-mounted and free-standing Change Machines and PayStation Kiosks that are completely modular, and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Casino Sector
Kiosks & Terminals

Small footprint CashIO kiosks for automated cash & card handling plus TITO ticket redemption for machine-based gaming.

TITO Ticket and Note Counters

Playsafe Systems is an Authorised Service Centre for Ticket2Go, JCM Global’s innovative ticketing solution developed for AWP/Low Payout Machine and SAS-based slot machine markets.

Go Cashless
With Playsafe’s Nayax Solution

By offering an array of payment options, customers buy more items with each transaction with the multi-vend option

Playsafe recognises the significant benefits cashless payments offer. These include an array of possibilities to consumers who are in a hurry or don’t have exact change or cash.  Cashless payments encompass payments made with credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards for closed environment settings.

Key features include:

  • Streamlined and seamlessly integrates with a telemetry system and management suite
  • Fully certified by leading financial institutions
  • Accepts all credit card brands under one global bank agreement
  • Offers eReceipts to show consumers their purchases
  • Dynamic pricing allows operators to pass the convenience fee along to the consumer
  • Accepts mobile, SMS and NFC Payments, credit and debit cards that are swipe, contact or contactless, as well as prepaid cards

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