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Designed to Optimise Your Business

Playsafe’s Hardware Solutions

Playsafe Systems integrate essential hardware & technical components from world-class global manufacturers & supply these items in configurations designed to optimise your business.  Our After-Sales team offer service, spare parts and support all manufacturer warranties for our entire range of products.

We supply:

  • Coin & Note Change Machines
  • Ticketing and Prepayment Machines
  • Ticket, Note & Coin Counters
  • System Integrated Kiosks & Terminals
  • Cash & Card Operated Timers
  • Tokens, Cards & Accessories


Thomas Machines are rugged & secure for public sites


Simple to use for your clients


Fast coin & note transactions, Proven reliability in 100’s of sites

Secure and Reliable

We have a wide range of wall-mounted and free-standing Change Machines and PayStation Kiosks that are completely modular, and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Casino Sector
Kiosks & Terminals

Small footprint CashIO kiosks for automated cash & card handling plus TITO ticket redemption for machine-based gaming.

TITO Ticket and Note Counters

Playsafe Systems is an Authorised Service Centre for Ticket2Go, JCM Global’s innovative ticketing solution developed for AWP/Low Payout Machine and SAS-based slot machine markets.

Go Cashless
With Playsafe’s Payter Solution

  • Income is paid into your account daily less the approx. 2% transaction fee.
  • There is no daily cap on the number of individual transactions a customer can make.

One Unique Payment Platform which comes in different form factors creating a flexible solution for all environments and Vending Machines supporting many payment scheme’s in one device. The P6 series is designed for unattended points of sale, such as Food or Soda vending machines, carwash stations, parking machines etc. As Vending Machines come in many different sizes and shapes, the P6 platform comes in various designs to offer the best solution for every situation.

Payter has a wide selection of terminals to suit many different unattended payment situations. We are happy to help you to find the right terminal and help you manage your business more efficiently by supplying cutting edge hardware technology along with a suite of in-house developed software solutions.

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