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The new Playsafe
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The New Handheld App

Simple and straightforward to operate
And a more modern way of doing things

The new Playsafe Handheld Device & App is a major upgrade on what’s gone before. Designed to replace outdated, dedicated handheld devices such as:  Pidion, Oyster, Pocket PC and Micro flex models.

The app is purchased pre-loaded on the Blackview BV5800 Ruggedized device and ready to use. (Specification below)

The Handheld can be synced with your Quantum database – enabling you to get up and running quickly and easily

Scan the barcode on the machine to identify asset from the database

Add meter readings and then simply sync the data with Quantum

Wi-Fi synchronisation to update Quantum

Link coin & note counters by connecting the leads between the handheld and the counter

Allows the manual input of coin, note and ticket values

Review stored data – this may be reviewed before sending to Quantum

Scan player cards to check loyalty status and redeem points – Scan machines with player cards inserted to check loyalty and redeem points

New Blackview IP-68 ruggedized Device

 Functional and affordable

Facilitates machine movements

Remote support for the Handheld is provided via TeamViewer

How It Works

1. Support

Using a remote access App, the Playsafe team will log into your device and ensure the App is setup right for you.

2. Start-up

Once installed, you can open the App the same way you would use any other mobile App. Just tap the icon and get started!

3. Sync

After a successful sync the data will have been transferred from the Quantum database. Making the set up fast and simple to execute.

4. Input Readings

The app uses the Handheld camera function to enable barcode reading. Saving you time selecting the correct machine prior to manually entering the meter reading Saving you time typing.

5. Connect to a Coin Counter

Rermove – Choose to Sync with the Quantum database or Import the count information and then go on to manually inputting machine meter readings. The data is now stored in the Handheld memory.

6. Manual Input – Coin, Note and Ticket Values

Use these Screens to manually input income that has not been counted using the coin counter or note counter.

7. Sync

Send the counted and manual meter readings to Quantum.

8. Review Stored Data – optional

Review all your data in the palm of your hand. Once you are happy with the results, sync the data to the Quantum database.

9. Redeem earned loyalty points

Staff members using the handheld will be able to allow customers to redeem their loyalty points whilst playing at the machine.

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