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Quantum TITO – Making Arcade Life Easier

09 August 2022

William Bollom, Managing Director of the Bollom Organisation has introduced that Quantum TITO system into his AGC at the Olympia Arcade in Weston-super-Mare.

“We have been using the Playsafe collection system for years and the integration between that and TITO made this a logical step for us,” says William. “The Playsafe team was there to hold our hands right the way from install to the first collection and they are readily available to dial in and assist with any issues.”

Adding TITO has taken business to a new level for both the company and the players and William found that the players needed no real introduction to the concept of TITO. “Players are already well-versed with the idea of moving from machine to machine with a ticket. But the level of security which was added for the company made it an easy decision,” he says.
“It truly has been a seamless fit into the AGC. The large nationwide operators have educated the customer base to TITO and our customers have appreciated the move. Staff have also found the move beneficial with no more hand pays and by including all aspects through the Paystation of both refills for old machines and any promotions, the audit trail has saved everyone a lot of time,” he adds.The main benefits of the Quantum TITO system have been more time for both management and staff. “Customers are happy to use the system which has freed up time for more interaction with customers as well as making the end of week collection a great deal less painful. Customers have taken to the system like a duck to water. They move around the AGC with tickets so easily it feels like the system has been in for years,” he adds.

All existing Quantum customers have TITO software as part of their Quantum V6 update – all that’s required is a TITO server PC. The Thomas 8021C Gaming PayStation is one of our most advanced, automated Kiosk Terminals. It can swiftly and securely handle bulk mixed coin processing, TITO ticket purchase and redemption, change-giving and banknote pay out. And as it’s fully integrated into Quantum, the 8021C can also be used for both automated & manual HandPay payments, issuing Refills, Promo Payments and managing Staff Floats.

Playsafe provides a full Quantum TITO turnkey solution, from Network installation through to Gaming Machine Conversion and system Installation. We can also connect to any GBG compliant machine supplier such as SGG VideoBet/Vertex, Blueprint and Inspired, creating a single ticket environment and providing your customers with an enhanced playing experience. Quantum TITO really is the most cost-effective way to deploy TITO to your estate – to find out more contact Iain Lunt today at Iain.lunt@playsafe