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GBG Promotional Ticketing Is Here!

26 April 2023

GBG Promotional Ticketing is Now Supported By Playsafe Quantum and Thomas Paystations


The latest version of Quantum, will now supports the GBG standard that allows the printing and redemption of Promotional Non-Cashable TITO tickets, including Promotional Cash Match tickets. This support will work with any true native GBG gaming machine that supports the same GBG 1.1d standard – please check with you machine supplier to see which of your machines support true GBG Promotional TITO tickets.

Thomas Paystations have also been updated to allow authorised users to be able to print Promotional Non-Cashable and Cash Match tickets on request, which can then be inserted directly into any gaming machines that support GBG Promotional TITO.

Now Operators will be able to print and distribute True non-cashable Promotional TITO tickets to customers – no more having to use Promotional Cash or Cashable TITO tickets. The Player can even collect the remainder of their Promotional credit as a new ticket, and take it to another machine, without Operator intervention! Remember, any wins the player gets while using their non-cashable ticket, will be cashable.

How Do Our Customer’s Get This New Feature?

Update:  You will require the latest version of Quantum – please call Sales to book your update

PayStations:Will need updating to the first customer release after 1012.130.  Those customers configured to receive automatic updates, will automatically receive this support when it is available.

Register: Configure and register the Paystation so that Promo TITO is enabled

Authorise: Using the Quantum GBG Admin form, authorise the Paystation and any gaming machines that support GBG Promo, for promo support

And you should be good to go!

How Do Operators Print Promo Tickets?

Choose What Type: Select the reason for promotional payout (affects payout type)

Choose Amounts: Select the value of the ticket

Print Ticket:Review the payout and press “Print Ticket”

What Else Should I Know?  On screen auditing has been updating accordingly.vAs have the printed reports and audit exports

Note: Support for printing cashable tickets (ie. TITO tickets) for promotional purposes has been removed from PayStations.