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Playsafe Development Update: PayStation Live Diagnostics

08 February 2022

We are pleased to announce a new feature within our PayStation portal called ‘ Live Diagnostics’ which will be available on all our PayStations fitted with software 1012.69 or later. All PayStation customers have access to the Portal referred o as the ‘PayStation Management Zone’ as part of their Monthly PayStation Support Fee.

Live Diagnostics provides customers and Playsafe Support & Engineering staff with remote access to a PayStation’s diagnostics information in RealTime. No more having to Teaviewer into the PayStation. We don’t even have to take the PayStation offline while accessing the diagnostics, meaning your PayStation remains in operation, while you access the diagnostics.

How to access Live Diagnostics:

Log into the PayStation Management Zone


Any of your PayStations that shows a selectable diagnostics icon like the one below will have the feature enabled – press this button to request Live Diagnostics for that PayStation


The Live Diagnostics page will be displayed. After a brief wait, the selected PayStation will now communicate with the Portal. This normally occurs within about 30 seconds.



Once the PayStation has ‘checked-in’ it will be requested to provide live diagnostics and a connected will be established. This can be identified by the green diagnostics icon, and accompanying status description



You can now view the status of the machine peripherals in RealTime, view version numbers, etc. If there are any issues with the machine, that part of the system will be in red, making it easier to review your PayStation’s status.


Features of Live Diagnostics:

  • Once connected, a PayStation will send the latest diagnostics approximately every 5 seconds
  • For visual feedback, the diagnostics icon will pulse each time new diagnostics are received
  • Multiple remote users may view the same diagnostics information simultaneously
  • PayStation users with sufficient privileges may also view the same diagnostics information at the machine, via the normal Diagnostics screen in the menu
  • The PayStation will continue to provide diagnostics for approximately 30 seconds after the last remote user stops viewing the information, after which it will automatically disconnect.