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Chris and David Join the Growing Playsafe Team

15 August 2022

Playsafe Systems recently welcomed two new members to its team. Chris Coleman joins as Software Developer, while David Vailes is a Projects Engineer.

Chris Coleman (pictured left) says, “I joined Playsafe in May 2022 after moving on from my previous role, over the past 13 years or so. My Job title within Playsafe is Software Developer and as such I will be working within multiple arms of the products ranging from implementing new web interfaces to additional work within our mobile offerings and all the data layers in-between. Currently, I’m enjoying getting to grips with a new blend of technologies as this is my first time getting involved with mobile development technologies and I feel that there’s a great chance to modernise and grow the products and offerings.”

David Vailes adds, “I came to work for Playsafe as I wanted a change in direction. I was previously working as an arborist and landscape gardener.I am now a Projects Engineer which requires me to setup and configure new hardware and upgrade old hardware. My favourite part of the job is configuring new hardware setups.”