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Thomas PayStations, which one do you need?

Our trusted and robust PayStations are market leaders across many sectors and continents.  Coins and bank notes, Chip and Pin, contactless and mobile payments, our machines will process your customers’ preferred choice of payment reliably and efficiently.

Our PayStations can also integrate with 3rd party systems, enabling the PayStation to handle payments for these systems, print tickets, reload Smartcards, etc. The Thomas PayStation helps automate and secure your payments and drive efficiency into your business.

From the 8026 Mini PayStation with its small footprint, to our highly sophisticated and fully Quantum integrated 8021C, we believe we have a PayStation to match all of your business requirements.

The Thomas PayStation range consists of the following models:


The Thomas 8003 PayStation combines reliable and secure cash-handling with a unique, fully configurable menu, allowing clients to fully customize the change options for their customers/staff.



The Thomas 8010C PayStation combines reliable and secure cash-handling with a unique, fully configurable menu, allowing venues to dispense tickets, to be used on pre-paid goods or services, via its built-in ticket dispenser.



The Thomas 8012C PayStation combines reliable and secure cash-handling with a unique, fully configurable manu, allowing venues to dispense & reload Smart Cards, such as Semnox Fun Cards, via its built-in card reader/writer/dispenser. These can be used for pre-paid goods or services.



The Thomas 8021C Gaming PayStation is one of our most advanced, automated Kiosk terminals.



The Thomas 8026C PayStation is a sleek, multi-functional kiosk designed for round-the-clock activity in busy public environments. The PayStation occupies only a small footprint in your site, leaving plenty of space for your hard-working colleagues & visitors.

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Reels Casino Case Study

In these challenging times, AGC operators are looking closely at their business’s and looking for opportunities to streamline, drive better efficiency and improve security. Playsafe Systems, with their Quantum suite of systems are leading the way in the gaming industry. Newly released to market, Quantum TITO is helping operators remove the strain of managing large volumes of cash in their B3 & Digital CAT C machines, as TITO tickets can be easily reinserted into other connected TITO machines or redeemed via the Thomas PayStation’s. As well as helping business’s streamline their operations Quantum TITO is also proven to increase machine uptime and profits.

Alan Kallas and Gerry Stewart at Reels casino slots have experienced the power of Quantum TITO and the Thomas PayStation in their brand new AGC venue at the Broadway Wimbledon. The new venue offers the latest in high street slots gaming with SG, Blueprint, Playmore and Inspired in a great friendly environment.

“For us TITO was a no brainer” Says Gerry Stewart “cash out is not the way forward especially for a new venue like ours here in Wimbledon. Not only does TITO make the customer journey more efficient it cuts down massively on collection times for staff so all round it’s more profitable for us”

Reels Casino Slots recently installed the Quantum TITO system Allan say’s “We went with Playsafe’s Quantum TITO system because we know Playsafe have a great support team who helped us from planning the install to opening the venue and continue that support 7 days a week should we need them. The Quantum system is constantly being upgraded so that we know that we will always be getting the best value for money.”

Alan and Gerry chose the Thomas 8021C PayStation as their choice of ticket redemption machine for their new business

Alan says “Thomas offer a wide range of PayStation’s but we went with the 8021C as it provides the ability for customers to purchase a TITO ticket using both cash and contactless/chip and pin technology, this combined with the bulk coin changer, has proved a wise choice for us so much so, we are planning to use on our planned future projects”

Alan and Gerry are again working with Playsafe to plan and install their next AGC venture. Reels Casino Slots in Crystal Palace is due to open later in 2020, replicating the proven Quantum TITO and Thomas PayStation offer for the new AGC.

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