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Quantum V6 – ‘Now With TITO’

Playsafe Quantum the industry leading, flexible solution that automates the monitoring and reporting of your gaming machine data. From machine performance statistics to fraud detection and prevention, QuantumV6 helps you utilise your data to maximise returns on every machine.

QuantumV6 now includes TITO. Included with QuantumV6 is Quantum TITO, meaning there is no requirement for a separate TITO system. QuantumV6 will allow the connection of any GBG TITO compliant machine, meaning TITO Ticket Management and Machine Data are all now easily accessible in one system. QuantumV6 is also the most cost-effective way to implement Machine Data & TITO.

For full information on Quantum V6 please visit our website page or contact a member of our sales team

Read more about Quantum V6 here! 

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The Arrival of Iain Lunt as UK Sales & Commercial Manager

Playsafe Systems / Thomas, have underlined their continued investment in key personnel with the arrival of Iain Lunt as UK Sales & Commercial Manager.

Iain has been in the industry for a number of years, most recently with Regal Gaming, where he was brought in to manage the Roadchef AGC roll out. Prior to this role, Iain spent 15 years with SG Gaming, managing key accounts including Mecca Bingo and the introduction of new machines into the UK Casino Sector. This was a first in the UK for SG Gaming.

Looking forward to his new challenge,  Iain explained: “It was obvious from my time at SG & Regal that customers are now investing in systems to make their businesses more efficient, secure and profitable, whilst also ensuring their customers benefit from the latest technologies such as TITO, Chip & Pin / Contactless and Loyalty. Quantum is the industry standard for machine data.”

Iain explained further his view that Playsafe / Thomas offers considerably more to the customer, “as well as the reputable Thomas brand of fully Quantum integrated PayStations, the Quantum brand also includes TITO, Promo, Redemption, Performance and Cloud Hosting services. It was obvious to me that Playsafe are the go-to people in the industry when it comes to systems.”

Iain was also struck by how easy Playsafe / Thomas make it for any customer to start their systems journey. “Their flexible approach and modular systems allow businesses to either roll out fully integrated Quantum, TITO, Loyalty and PayStation systems, or start light with Quantum & Promo Lite, allowing businesses to grow their systems to suit their current needs. With the imminent release of Quantum V6, which is a free of charge upgrade to all current customers, this is an exciting time to be joining this growing company.”

Playsafe / Thomas MD, Ian Fuller, commented, “we are really pleased to secure Iain as part of our Team in Bath. He has a great deal of industry experience and will help us continue to grow the number of connected customers we have. We have made a significant investment in our team and systems here at Playsafe / Thomas. I am looking forward to Iain helping us to roll out Quantum V6 to new and existing customers as well as using Iain’s knowledge of machines and the sector to help our customers drive better profitability using their data and our systems.”

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Introducing Quantum Promo Lite

Introducing… Quantum Promo lite App, now with Track and Trace!

Promo lite is a simple App that allows you to connect with your customers both remotely and on-site. Enabling you to send them promotions and reward them for their continued custom. Using an iPad, your customers can now sign up to receive rewards which are sent via a text service. When they visit one of your venues, they can redeem their reward via the site iPad.

Not only is this App highly cost effective and proven to increase revenue, but it now features Track and Trace. This gives you the ability to track who enters your site as well temperature logging, ensuring a successful and safe opening on Saturday!

This App also allows you to send personalised messages and bespoke offers based on their activity, making every customer feel valued!

Other features include: highly configurable member segmentation and searching, easily viewable redemption time as well as customers favorite machines and easy set-up meaning the system can be up and running in time for Saturday 4th July!

For full information on the Quantum Promo Lite app please visit our website or contact a member of our sales team.

Read more about this offering here!

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Chip and Pin / Contactless Payments

thomas paystation contactless payments

Following recent articles in the press, questions surrounding the future of cash have never been so pertinent.  The use of debit cards overtook cash in 2018, indicating that the decline of cash began long before lockdown. However, with the new health and safety measures now in place, the decline has been accelerated. Attempts to minimize the spread of Covid-19 means the limit on contactless payments has been pushed to £45. As the UK begins to unlock, consumers are encouraged to use Chip and Pin and contactless wherever possible to help prevent a second peak.

In comparison to the ease of processing electronic payments, the process of handling, storing, and depositing physical cash can have many hidden costs for businesses as well as a drain on time and resources. By switching to contactless these costs can be minimized or possibly eliminated. A cashless society has also been linked to a lower crime rate. This refers to physical theft of tangible money as well as money laundering and tax evasion. Going cashless also facilitates the easier exchange of currencies, easing the struggle of exchange rates.

Although this cashless society may seem ideal, there are disadvantages. Having money purely online often leads to increased data security breaches as more personal data is online. There is also a lack of standardization with online banking that often results in delays in payments. Those without a bank account will find it harder to make payments. This especially affects the older generation who are not so digitally adept. Some people may also find it harder to keep track of spending without the use of tangible cash.

Here at Playsafe we have many years experience in the handling of both cash and electronic payments. We have also developed a number of solutions to enable our customers to efficiently and cost effectively handle both cash and electronic payments, these solutions include our range of Thomas PayStation’s which will accept and dispense both banknotes and coins, as well as accepting electronic payments via card or mobile phones. Also, our Payter contactless solution is ideal for those customers requiring a contactless retrofit solution for existing equipment. Both solutions have help streamline customers operations and increase income.

For more information please contact one of our sales team.

Ian Fuller

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Adam Hildred

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